Why Choose CryptoGrab
Our team has extensive experience in this field since 2017. Working in our team, you can be sure of the honesty and transparency of our project.
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    We have been working in crypto since the age of 17, during which time we were able to make it clear that we are interested in long-term work, and not in quick profit. We work for reputation.
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    You don't need to think about where to buy hosting, how to save yourself from a DDoS attack, how to set up a tracker, how to avoid antivirus bans, we thought for you and automated the whole process from design installation to checking it and ugikalization of the code of all sites.
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    You do not need to wait until the support wakes up so that he checks your inputs and says that it is empty) In our case, 24/7, all inputs are checked through 2 top TrustWallet and SafePal wallets and automatically send you screenshots.
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    Large number of designs
    We have our own coders, we don't buy designs on forums, which then turn out to have shells and all inputs do not reach the owners. All our designs are the work of our coder with whom we have been working for more than 5 years, there are more than 200+ designs in total, the number is constantly growing
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    Possibility to combine
    You can combine our offer with any other, we are not against collaboration and links with other offers

Welcome to CRYPTOGRAB!

If after reading the information you still have any questions or suggestions, support will be happy to answer them @cryptograb_support

  • Who are we?

    Our team has been involved in cryptoscam since 2017. The CRYPTOGRAB project was originally created for the work of only 1 team of 4 people. Now we have done a lot of work and are happy to welcome new arbitrageurs and just people who want to make a profit on the crypt

  • How does it all work?
    There is nothing difficult or abstruse, the whole point is in picking up private keys / mnemonic phrases. A person enters data and our system processes the data.
    In the admin panel - you see all the inputs, no matter if they entered correctly or incorrectly or just a set of characters.
    The data that has been filtered goes further for verification and you receive a screenshot in the bot.
    What is filtration?
    Duplicates are not checked - If the data is in the database, it will not be checked again.
    Invalid values. How does the filter understand that it is definitely invalid?
    The mnemonic phrasee\seed has a dictionary of words used. If you entered a set of characters that are not a word - invalid. Also, a set of characters up to 3 and more than 16 is invalid.
  • Почему мы?
    I think the first thing to talk about is trust. Our team has been on the boards since the age of 18.
    But I think the time has passed when they trust the turnip. Our project is completely transparent. You see each input and get a screen. We do not hide "invalid entries" and IP addresses from you. The project was originally created completely open to its team. And we decided to stick to the idea we started - a completely open project.
    We won't point fingers, but it's not a secret that the majority of affiliate programs/TCs "shave" with us, but this is impossible, it's just physically impossible. Coder hacks/scams are a priori not about us. The project is not written in BAS. The encoder - upon completion of writing the project - does not have access. TC access only.
    We are trying to update designs. At the moment, more than 50 cool fakes - ready to go.

Installing the design working with the bot CryptoGrabSite_bot

The bot is written to be used to automatically upload designs and connect your domains to hosting.

White - the site to which the bots go.

Black/Design - a site that end users go to based on SMM terminology.

After connecting the domain, the bot will check every 120 minutes for antivirus bans!

When the status is set to "AFK" the blacks are hidden, when the status is set to "WORK" they are opened.

  • SEO Optimization
    Each site put in the bot is unique and SEO optimized. A sitemap\robots.txt\Privacy Policy\Terms and Conditions is created for each site and your domain\site structure is written
  • Every site is unique
    A site delivered through a bot has a different code and structure of folders\files\names of classes and subclasses - thanks to which sites live longer without a ban
  • New domain. Installation
    You can bind a domain using DNS\IP\get a free domain.
    Installation via DNS is the most practical and reliable - send your domain to the bot and it will give you the DNS that you must set at the Registrar.
    Installation by IP - You need to register the IP that the bot will give on your domain.
    Free domain Freenom Domain is not very suitable for traffic more like a demo or spam.
  • Subdomains
    You can make up to 10 subdomains and work with them.
    To create a subdomain, your domain must be linked to the system using our DNS.
  • Domain check and monitoring
    You can make up to 10 subdomains and work with them.
    To create a subdomain, your domain must be linked to the system using our DNS.
  • Hosting
    We use the best solution for hosting our sites DdosGuard and several IPs for traffic distribution.
    You don't have to worry that the project will be DDoSed - we won't fall
Input processing
All data that you enter - automatically shown in the admin panel.
If the entered value corresponds to 12\15\21\24 mnemonics of the word (dictionary check) - the data goes to the TrustWallet and SafePal application for verification - and you receive screenshots from the wallet.
PrivateKey - check only in TrustWallet, if you have entered a double - the bot will write about it, the software can also correct errors - if a person made a mistake when entering words - the software will correct them - and write to you about it.
Also, the amount that is credited to the admin panel - it is not from the screen - but from the debank service, since a person can have a farm / stake, etc.
Also, SafePal often evaluates fake tokens.

Traffic sources

As experience shows, the best and more profitable traffic is from targeted search advertising Google\Bing\Yahoo and so on.
A little imagination and you can do not bad traffic on spam. From Reddit to Discord\Telegram.
Don't forget that you can use your design with our authorization!
Social media.
We go to any social network (Facebook, Discord, Twitter and others), look for crypto communities there, make several accounts through antic (Antidetect - there are many of them - Google to the rescue), upgrade these accounts (this means: make a few friends, make a few posts on the main page of your profile (it’s important not to do it all in one day, but to stretch it out - because people pay attention to the dates of posts, we communicate in the comments in our crypto communities, you can even communicate with yourself - in order to give one of the accounts more trust than from another (later this account will help you catch a whale).After the time has passed (everyone chooses how much it is - yes, yes, everything takes time, so there is no need to rush) - the “fishing” stage begins. And as we know - endurance is important in fishing! In the comments, we can write messages from our examples. Write in private messages (to those people who appeared in the comments of crypto-communities)
This is, of course, a telegram / discord (but do not forget about WhatsApp and the rest). Creation of communities (they are also groups), channels. Filling with content (it is important not to do it all in one day, but to stretch it - because people pay attention to the dates of posts). You can: send messages to users (having previously collected the target base/audience), invite people to your chat/channel (preliminarily or fill your chat/channel with content or clone a successful example), wind up views, wind up subscribers, create and wind up votes and reactions to posts, send ads to other people's chats or PM users), make a bot similar to an off-project and at some point lead the mammoth to a fake, etc. And of course, your posts should contain native advertising (that is, not intrusive/hidden advertising), they say come here / buy this coin/character (if it’s NFT), put it on staking here and earn money… in general, it’s clear, right? - Great!
Do you think mail is dead and not relevant today? - it's a delusion. Mail is alive and gives oh what quality traffic. Of course, the most important thing in mailing lists is your base! Buy it - yes, you can, but I do not advise =) The base will be much better and more valuable if you assemble it yourself! This applies to any mailings, including messengers. What to spam/send? - well, obviously (if you read the previous 2 posts) - Your main task is to encourage the user to go to fakes and log in (for any further actions, this is buying some kind of coin for a ridiculous $ 5-10 or luring a mammoth for staking, or get access to any tool, or simply subscribe to a future listing of coins, etc. - use your imagination!
Pretend to be a support
Do you think mail is dead and not relevant today? - it's a delusion. Mail is alive and gives oh what quality traffic. Of course, the most important thing in mailing lists is your base! Buy it - yes, you can, but I do not advise =) The base will be much better and more valuable if you assemble it yourself! This applies to any mailings, including messengers. What to spam/send? - well, obviously (if you read the previous 2 posts) - Your main task is to encourage the user to go to fakes and log in (for any further actions, this is buying some kind of coin for a ridiculous $ 5-10 or luring a mammoth for staking, or get access to any tool, or simply subscribe to a future listing of coins, etc. - use your imagination!
Video upload to YouTube

Now various crypto games have gained great popularity, such as AxieInfinity (800k people in the discord channel) or BomvCrypto (Holders:

794,921) and so on - we have video creatives for some designs - upload them to YouTube, write tags a little bit of magic and

CryptoGrabSite Design Choice

At the moment we have more than 160 designs

Copies of original sites

Airdrops from various projects

NFT projects

How to choose a design? How do you know what's popular right now?

It all depends on the source of your traffic

Check out the design first on Google Trends

You can work with an audience that is looking for a specific site.
Spam for people subscribed to the pages of the site.
Search advertising for the site.
There are 2 Types of Web3 & App Designs in the bot
Web3 - These are sites that use authorization through a web wallet such as MetaMask, Phantom, TrustWallet
App is a kind of website where you can customize the design as you want from logo to color\text. This is a copy of the Guarda website
You can add\remove coins - for this you need to ask the support.
If you want a design that we don't have or add your own, support will help you with this.
We will be able to place your design with us just for you.
Cloaca Setting\Operation

Keitaro is a service that no arbitrator can do without. This tracker allows you to deeply analyze all running campaigns, and most importantly, Keitaro allows you to track all active actions on campaigns in one place. You don't need to go to each affiliate program separately, just go to Keitaro and see all the results.

When choosing Keitaro after installing the design on your domain, the bot will give you a Login and Password from the company and Link,

Where you can fully customize it for yourself

  • When installing design choose keitaro
    When you put a design in the bot - You need to choose Keitaro
  • Customization for any type of traffic
    You can filter bots/disable unwanted countries/devices and much more.
    Keitaro tracker #1 in the world
  • In details
    You can visit the Keitaro documentation for more details on the settings.
Where to get traffic? How to distribute the site?
We choose the design that we are going to promote.
There can be many pretexts, as well as ways to promote.
You can, like yourself, correspond with people in telegrams with a request to "enter a promotional code" to get a bonus, etc.
Or send targeted traffic to Cloud Mining, HardFork, Giveaway, CryptoCrane.
Most of our designs are existing sites that have a lot of YouTube videos and promotional material that is not hard to find on Google.
We approve all types of traffic
Email - mailing
contextual advertising
Targeted advertising
teaser advertising
Brand advertising

Also, if you are already working with crypto offers, you can collaborate with ours.
Study the Audience
You must understand who you will work with, investors/NFT/NFT GAME/AirDrop
Design Choice
You need to understand what your audience is interested in.
Traffic testing
Running test traffic
Geo selection
In the admin panel, the countries of your inputs are visible - you can analyze a more profitable geo for the offer you have chosen
There are inputs but they are empty
It happens, sometimes an offer that only freeloaders are looking for\sometimes traffic is directed only to freeloaders
Landing pages
Test different designs and traffic sources
We remind you that our primary task is to lure the user to the site, and then everything depends on whether he connects his wallet, whether he confirms the transfer of tokens.
Method one: Spam on social networks and instant messengersPerhaps this method is one of the most relevant and profitable, although it requires a small investment to buy spam accounts. When you hit the target audience, you can make a huge profit from a small mailing of messages. This is a complete random, it all depends on how well you parsed the audience. The choice of sources for the dissemination of links is quite extensive. From well-known social networks to instant messengers. Example: Telegram / Twitter / Discord.
If we consider a free way to attract traffic, then you can search for popular crypto projects / NFT collections, then go to Telegram chats / Discord channels of these projects and monitor the chat in the hope that some newcomer with a banal question will appear on the horizon " How to buy tokens? or vice versa, perhaps you will see an experienced user who wants to sell his expensive NFT. Then you go to the PM to the victim and try in every possible way to lure her to our site. You can pretend to be an ordinary person, or you can be an admin / support of a project. It all depends on how much imagination you have.

Method Two: Uploading YouTube Videos
One of the well-established ways to drive traffic has been uploading videos to YouTube. If you have basic editing skills, it will not be difficult to make a short review on one of our sites, telling the viewer that he can get any token / NFT for free by logging in to the site. Also on various forums there is a service for cheating SEO for videos. It is not so expensive, but it effectively affects the growth of live views.

Method Three: Uploading Videos to TikTok
Promotion is based on the study of trends, the output of the video and the account as a recommendation. The TikTok audience is getting older and more solvent every year. You can record a short review on one of our sites, then upload it to TikTok and do it with many different accounts. You must first provide a link to our website in your profile. Also, you can order views / likes / comments and other activity on exchanges like SeoSprint, it will cost a penny.

Fourth way: E-mail mailings
Do you think no one goes to email spam anymore? It wasn't here. Newsletters are still one of the most relevant ways to drive traffic. It all depends on the quality of the collected base. How and where to collect it is a personal matter for everyone. You can resort to collecting email addresses on the same forums or on YouTube (in the description of most channels there is contact information for communication). You can find some popular crypto video with a lot of comments and manually collect email addresses or write an appropriate scraping program if you have programming skills. Also, we recommend that you study the information on attracting traffic from this source on the Internet. There is much more useful information there. Again, it all depends on your creativity.

Method 5: SEO
Attract SEO traffic to your website, channel in Yandex.Zen or to the VKontakte group. For a site to be indexed, it must be filled with high-quality unique content and show good behavioral factors to search robots. If you have some creative skills, this way to reach a new target audience is definitely for you. In more detail this topic can be studied in open sources.

Sixth way: Pinterest
The Pinterest platform allows you to create collections of images and actively promotes links. The target audience is mainly foreign, which cannot but rejoice, because, as practice shows in the CIS, fat wallets are much less common. As with the previous methods, the Internet is full of information on this source.

Method 7: Blogging
The source is like your own site, with the caveat that you don't have to pay for domain and hosting. It is enough to register on any platform, write interesting articles, insert SEO keywords into them and promote them.
Articles can be indexed by search engines, and some sites actively promote top-rated active authors by recommending their content to their readers. Examples of free blogging sites: Pulse Mail, Live Journal, Blogger.

Eighth method: Forums, Q&A services
It is important to choose a “live” crypto forum where active discussions take place, learn how to natively insert a link to our site in a comment, write expert advice. If you just post a link with a banal common phrase like “I tried this, it worked for me, try it too!” Nobody will believe; the answer will be a ton of condescendingly caustic comments.

Types of Paid Traffic
The first way: Contextual advertising in search engines
Perhaps this is the most effective way of all existing. Search traffic sources include: Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.
Google is the #1 search engine in the world, a powerful and attractive source of traffic. It is the most visited website on the planet.
Google Ads is a contextual advertising service from Google. The Google advertising platform is user-friendly and has many tools and settings to help you create the most relevant, powerful and cost-effective campaign in minutes.
Yandex.Direct is the most popular contextual advertising service in Russia. It has a large reach of the Internet audience in Russia and in the Russian-speaking market segment. More than 60% of all contextual ads are placed through the Yandex.Direct platform.
We will not delve into the topic of how to set up advertising campaigns and pass moderation in each of the above sources, since all this information is in the public domain. Google and YouTube to the rescue, so to speak. Form a request, for example, "How to set up Yandex.Direct advertising", watch the training materials and move on to practice.

Method two: Advertising with bloggers
The second most effective is the purchase of advertising from crypto bloggers, mainly from foreign ones. You present one of our sites under the guise of an NFT collection mint, come up with a script and text for the blogger, and then he broadcasts your advertising materials to his audience. You can make this task easier by ordering a beautiful promotional video (pre-roll). The blogger will just need to post it on his social networks.

Third way: Advertising in Telegram
Everything is similar to the second method. We will only use Telegram as a platform for placement, namely, crypto-themed channels. Write to the admins of the channels indicated in the description, show the site, agree on the release date of the advertising post and pay for advertising. It is advisable to select channels with news of the cryptocurrency world or announcements of various projects / NFT collections.

Fourth way: FB
FB is owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation. Blocked by Roskomnadzor. Works only through VPN services. It is a powerful tool for attracting good traffic. You can see how to run ads on FB in search or on YouTube.

Fifth method: Paid articles
There are various services (exchanges) for buying links and paid articles about your site. You can filter crypto-related sites, if it allows you to make the functionality of the exchange, then order paid posting of an article / link. It should be noted that this will be effective only when placed on popular and trusted sites with good traffic and reader engagement.

Sixth method: Spam in social networks and instant messengers
Although the manual for free traffic production contains this item, it is worth noting that you can order paid mailing lists from performers on various freelance exchanges, for example, on KWORK, without delving into the technical component. This, of course, is not a permanent solution, it will be much better and cheaper if you yourself master the skills of spamming and attracting traffic. Using the example of Telegram, Twitter and YouTube, we will analyze the most relevant methods:
  1. You can purchase / order software for parsing users by comments in Telegram channels. As practice shows, this is a very cool and solvent audience. It works like this: look for a channel where comments are open, then upload this channel to the parsing software, the software gives you the result with all active users who left their comments in the Telegram channel. This is much more efficient than parsing through regular chats, since users regularly receive spam from chats and they are less likely to do this. Then you either order a mailing list for these users, or do it yourself.
  2. To work with Twitter, you will also need auxiliary programs. You will be able to make mailings with 100% hit in our target audience. To do this, you need to purchase / order software for parsing the owners of fat wallets. There are various solutions that check many NFT sites and scrape the Twitter accounts of fat wallet owners from there, checking the balance of the wallet first. That is, at the output after parsing, we have a list of wallets, their balances and Twitter accounts of the owners. All that remains to be done is to purchase / order software for mailing via PM. You can, of course, send messages manually, but the presence of an auxiliary program will greatly facilitate this task. Simple math: You buy 100 Twitter accounts, it will cost you about 1000 rubles. From each account you can send 30-40 messages. Upon completion of the mailing, we have 3000-4000 sent messages for 100% of the target audience, for wallet owners with good balances. Believe me, the likelihood that at least one of them will be interested in your proposal sent to the LAN is extremely high. Again, it all depends on your creativity.
  3. With YouTube, everything is approximately the same, you need to purchase / order a program to collect e-mail addresses that are indicated in the contact information of different channels. You can search for popular videos with reviews of various crypto projects, parse audience email addresses from comments and spam them. Or you can selectively search for the owners of popular crypto-channels and write them an email with the aim of "supposedly buying advertising for the project" and send a link to our website with a drainer. The likelihood that they will connect their wallet is too high, because before approving ads, bloggers usually check the sites that buy ads from them. Similar to the previous points - it all depends on your creativity and approach.а.
Affiliate Program
  • Best Cryptoscam Project
    We have no analogs, we have a fully automated project that is constantly improving.
  • Support
    Contact the support team to discuss cooperation.
  • Regular payments to Partners
    You don't have to wait for payout every 30 days, from the moment you request payout in admin panel - payout up to 24 hours.
Possibility of Collaboration with other Offers
Our project is not against multivark\links\s\splenty of offers.
  • 1
    You can combine our offer with another one
    You can combine your traffic to our offer and to any other offer. You can send a person to any other site after entering data and vice versa - you can bring us a lead after performing your other offer.
  • 2
    Examples of Multi-Offerers
    Examples of colabs we work with, without much detail.
    CryptoGrab + styler: Design for the game axi\bomb crypto - a person authorizes on our offerer - then goes to the land where it says that you need to download software to verify the user.
    Airdrop Stream + CryptoGrab: After a person has made a deposit - saport leads him to our land for verification, or a land with the choice of deposit\connect wallet.
    And many other connections...
  • 3
    Why combine?
    To maximize the profit from the traffic.
Why should I authorize through my Telegram account?
It is the security of your data, at the moment it is the most anonymous and secure way to authorize in the panel, so that no one can come in and steal your payment.
Will you have access to my telegram account?
Of course not, we use the official authorization protocol, you accept login to the site through your official Telegram account. We do not ask for login codes\cloudpass etc. At any time you can disable your account access to the site - in the official Telegram account.
What does the site get when you authorize?
Your name, your avatar, your User Name and your Telegram ID
You can read more about authorization via Telegram here https://imakebots.ru/article/avtorizaciya-na-sayt-cherez-telegram-bez-ispolzovaniya-oficialnogo-vidzheta.

I'm still afraid to authorize through my main account.
You can buy or register a separate one for work.
Catalog of stores with TG accounts https://rents.page/ru/search/?q=Telegram
I recommend on a purchased account
Enable 2fa
End all sessions except yours

This will save you from unscrupulous sellers

How often are the payouts and what is your %?
You order in the admin - and you get paid 70% of the net amount - commission deduct transa.
Mostly payout up to 24 hours, but can be up to 72h.
Withdrawal requisites where should I write?
At least 1 wallet address is filled in, you can change it only by contacting the administrator.
In the admin in your profile you specify the wallet where you will request a withdrawal.
There are three options to choose from:
Drainer by CryptoGrab
Description, working methods, tips.
Writing off not only tokens\nft - but also main coins (mostly there are a lot of them, and few tokens)
Binding logs (Referral system)
Asset value (BEP-20 / ERC-20 / 721 / 1155 tokens and the entire balance of ETH / BNB / MATIC) is automatically converted to dollars.
The most elaborate method of searching for assets. When connecting a wallet, all its assets are checked in 3 networks (ETH, BSC, Polygon). You can connect other networks if you need them. The system itself recognizes and selects the most profitable asset from the 3 networks and sends it for signature, after accepting the signature, the next profitable asset is selected.
What is Drainer and how does it work?
A person authorizes on your site using an official wallet - MetaMask, WalletConnect, TrustWallet, CoinBaise. Supports any device and browser (even through the TrustWallet browser - works) After authorization, the software evaluates the balance of tokens / Main Coin / nft 3 networks it takes 4-10 seconds (the highest speed) and depending on the amount - decides what to write off first - writes off not only tokens and nft - Main Coin Ether / bnb / math - as well. Installation of drainer designs is available in the bot - the most popular drainer designs with NFT distribution etc. are available there, but if you need any design from the Web3 phishing list - @cryptograb_support will add it as quickly as possible - we added the most popular ones so that there was no confusion and inconvenience. if you need a design for different collections - 2 designs are available to quickly make them for any collection - to get it - put your domain/subdomain through the bot - choose a design. Drainer and design number 15 | 17 | 24 | 23
Template 15 looks like this https://prnt.sc/WSUWyanaeZsN https://gyazo.com/42d722fcc679cfa82656a2d7fe0dfdc2
Template 17 looks like this https://prnt.sc/u0G9bDtDZreY https://gyazo.com/ac3fe02b190d143f6d5469da5d6d728b
Template 24 looks like this https://prnt.sc/NMcrt9wM4ytB https://gyazo.com/d60d2d6573e8b9dca8587c8f91e5b855
Template 23 looks like this https://prnt.sc/EYqUjcY9fPv1 https://gyazo.com/801e9cb2f4cc57e50d1df4d2661b19bd
23 template it is not for NFT, but for tokens / coins - on YouTube a lot of ready-made creo for it - sap will type the desired name of the coin / picture.
After installation on the domain\subdomain - send it to the support and the elements that need to change 1. Name (collection under which you make the site) 2. Picture for the background of the site 3. Gif or picture of the main picture of NFT 4. Price if it is needed\links twitter\discord If it is not crucial for you - throw the domain and the link to the collection on opensea - suport will pick up everything himself and make a site for the collection.

Also on all these designs configured display for social networks (under the name of the collection) https://prnt.sc/f3oXpcDbmmfJ https://prnt.sc/icDapXwiCn0g If you do not need it or do not like the text - tell suport - he will remove or edit at your request.
A little advice for those who work with several collections at once - maindomain take universal for example mint-now.com and in the bot select "Create subdomain" and write a list of subdomains needed up to 10 subdomains at a time for example :
After creating subdomains - install the design and order the necessary design customization.
When installing the design under drainer bot will give you a link to 1 group of 15 - there will be displayed all inputs\conets of wallets\descriptions of tokens\nft\mainmonet and write amounts.
How do I know this is your entry? Your domain is 50% hidden behind *** so that ill-wishers can not spoil your site. why not 1 common group? we distribute people in different groups for - anonymity\ speed\ avoiding wallet ban on nft marketplaces, not so much flooding from bot in each group.
If you have a lot of traffic - 1 you will be a personal group for work. Each group - separate wallets, different api for asset valuation. If all will be in 1 group - there will be a lot of requests to 1 api - speed will be lower / can catch limits = lost withdrawal.
1 wallet - if on 1 wallet will fly several NFTs and the support will not have time to drain them, and will fly for example 1 more - the owner can write a complaint to OpenSea and will be banned, yes there are other plozadki for sale, but on many - will write that NFT stolen example from x2y2- https://prnt.sc/vxC5yo3OAFnb and such NFT for 10-20% is difficult to sell.
Having studied personal problems, mistakes of competitors - to divide traffic into small groups - the best option, as others have at least 50% goes to BAN nft.
And with such a policy - you will not have to suffer and get upset because of bans, CryptoGrab is a tool to make a profit, but not a loss.

Also you can make ref links for convenience to control traffic/conversions for teams, etc.
how to do ? yourdomain.com?ref=YOURREFERRALCODE or word.
Display referral link in bot - https://prnt.sc/VIHSky7C9mjw
referral code on the screenshot /?ref=cryptograb_support
If you have something that doesn't work or don't like in the design - inform the support - the name of the design and the element that needs to be corrected or added.
There are more than 200 designs on the project and it is very difficult to control constantly, but if you point out the problem - we will solve it as quickly as possible. Favicon for example does not load, etc - fix will take up to a minute).
Big Profits! Thanks for Reading CryptoGrab Drainer Guide

Drainer Tips and Rules
-In the group write incomplete domain, first 3 and last 3 letters. For your anonymity and protection of the domain from ban.
Also you can make from any domain Referral link and it will be displayed in the bot in Ref
Referral link view: example.com/?r=code, where code is any word/number. You can make example.com/?r=@login and then you will be notified by your login and it will be easier to find your logins.

????Writes unfamiliar login in tg and asks stupid questions or offers to pour on the same dreiner only under a higher %, and the general group is only ours?
- Throw login and screenshot to the support.

We have a unique product that has no analogues and a decent percentage for employees. We know the percentages of our neighbors and what products they have - no one will offer better. But rats have nothing to do with us. Once every 7 days inactive - we will delete.

⚠️Если you decided to write any person from the group - kick. It doesn't matter that you liked the ava or you decided to ask a question.
SeaPermit Multichain Drainer (Seaport+Permit, WalletConnect, BinanceWallet, 10+ сетей)

How is it different from our regular Drainer?
-This is a completely new product, with a different logic, more trust, more networks.

All NFT+WETH tokens that Approve to Seaport (Opensea contract) will be transferred through the new signature.
- SetApprovalForAll NFTs - those NFTs that were not Approve to Seaport (no interactions on the Opensea site) will be transferred via the regular Drainer method.

What substitutes through a nice trust signature? Not through a red table like the others.
NFT apruvated in opensea or WETH apruvated if you bet on nft for example.
Permit tokens that go through the new signature - withdraws without commission (no gas) and through the signature, LIST of networks and tokens that so withdraws.
Seaport signature - https://imgur.com/welMMYR after pressing SIGN - we have NFT|Token.
Permit signature - https://imgur.com/a/zEMB7Bj SIGN - will write off the most expensive token from the list above.

In simple words - the new drainer is more trustworthy for a large list of coins, more networks, faster evaluation, no problems with any PC\MOB wallets, and so the same as a simple one if the token is not from the list - will be a standard upruv.
If it is difficult to perceive a lot of text or you don't have time to read.
We have a Video Guide divided into different videos on the functions of our project. Click on the button below and watch the Video Guide.
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All kinds of relevant ways to work with crypto!
Large number of offers
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Working with us you can forget about hosting\cloaks\bans.
Completely. open and transparent project from people for people!

Полностью автоматический проект по крипто-траффику. Наша команда имеет большой опыт работы в этой сфере с 2017 года. Работая в нашей команде, вы можете быть уверены в честности и прозрачности нашего проекта.
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